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  • Internet of Things: All Your Devices Are at Risk

    Internet of Things: All Your Devices Are at Risk

    One big connected digital environment

    You already know that your home is becoming one big connected digital environment, right?

    For example, you can now set room temperatures at home from work, so it is nice and toasty—or cool—when you get home. Nice!

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  • Search Engines: Information Galore

    Search Engines: Information Galore

    Ask yourself some questions.

    You're trying to find information on the Internet, so you head to a search engine like Google or Ask.com and type in your keywords, right? Nothing to worry about.

    Think again.

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  • Rip Up Your Driver's License!

    Rip Up Your Driver's License!

    Sounds like fun, ey?

    Okay, right now, rip up your license. And while you're at it, why don't you also lock yourself in your parents' house for about five years.

    Sounds like fun, ey?

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  • Debit Cards? So What?

    Debit Cards? So What?

    Smart if you use one.

    You're smart if you use one, that's what. With a debit card, you are spending your own cash. With a credit card, you are always borrowing cash from strangers and paying interest on that cash—at times, massive amounts of interest.

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