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  • 21st Century Skills? Sneak Peek Into 10 Future Job

    21st Century Skills? Sneak Peek Into 10 Future Job

    Professions of the future

    Critical thinking. Communication. Collaboration. Creativity. Four words that summarize the skills that can really help you prosper in the 21st century! As society and technology changes, working conditions also change and so do the professions of the future.

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  • Emily Driscoll

    Emily Driscoll

    Hi there!

    Emily Driscoll holds a double Bachelors degree in French and journalism from Miami University in Oxford, OH. After interning for the Fox News Channel Washington D.C. bureau as a senior in college and working for a private investment and banking group at Merrill Lynch after graduation, Emily began writing for the personal finance and small business sections on FoxBusiness.com.

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  • Parachute Required

    Parachute Required


    What is insurance, why do we at times need it, and how do we find the best insurance at the lowest cost?

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  • The Selfie Saga: Selfie ID

    The Selfie Saga: Selfie ID

    A couple of caveat

    With people taking selfies, people posting selfies, and selfie sticks, selfies are undoubtedly everywhere you look. Selfies are so present in our lives that in 2014 the word "selfie" was integrated in the Oxford (Online) Dictionary. We would go so far to say that every smartphone user has probably taken a selfie at some point. They are here to stay, whether we like it or not.

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